November 2015 Favourites!

Hello Everybody!

Yes it really is that time of the month again. I hope November has been a good one for you,  not long until Christmas now – yipee!

Trying to think of what I’ve loved this month has been tricky as for most of it I haven’t been wearing too much make up due to my Rosacea massively flaring up.

Products I have used daily include: Clinique Almost There Powder, Clinique Redness Solutions Cleanser and Clinique Cityblock SPF 25 – all of which have really helped to cover my Rosacea and ease it a bit.


The powder is great for a no make up look and doesn’t make your face look caked. For me it doesn’t show any enlarged pores and covers my redness really well. It’s an old favourite of mine and I have used it for many years. It will last for about 8 hours, which for a powder I think is really good as it feels so light and airy on your face, and not chalky. Plus I feel it helps to let my skin breathe and doesn’t react with my Rosacea.

The cleanser was the first high end cleanser I used and often go back to it when my skin misbehaves. It’s creamy, oil-free, soft and soothing on your face and gently removes make up and impurities well, without causing any irritation.

As you are all more than aware we should be wearing an SPF everyday on our face and neck and one of my favourites is the Cityblock SPF25 from Clinique. It’s oil free and has a tint to it so you’re not left looking pale. A little goes a long way and you won’t start sweating on your face when you get hot as it helps to wick away perspiration as well as being a great primer too. Again it doesn’t react with me and makes me feel better knowing I’m protecting my face from the elements all year round.

I hope you have enjoyed this post?

As my Rosacea has been so bad, you may have seen on my Twitter or Instagram that I have had a consultation with a Dermatologist to see what can be done to help. I will be publishing a post about my consultation very soon so keep your eyes peeled.


Thanks for Reading!




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