Dermatology Consultation!

Hello Everybody!

As some of you may know, I have been saving my pennies to see a Dermatologist to try and sort out my Rosacea and Acne and finally I went along in November 2015.

I was recommend to see Dr Anne Farrell by a lovely friend of mine who also suffers with Rosacea.

IMG_0467 (1)

Dr Farrell is lovely, and also suffers with Rosacea herself. With years of experience and extensive research I knew I was in good hands and her clinic itself is beautiful – I was shown to a lovely waiting room and offered tea, coffee or water. As I made myself comfortable on the plush sofa’s I waited for Dr Farrell to call me through.

When she called me through, I was taken to her consultation room. I explained all my symptoms and showed her what products I had been using on my skin. Dr Farrell asked me questions so she could get an overview of everything.

I then sat on her consultation bed and she thoroughly examined my skin – confirming that yes I do have Rosacea and from this, Dr Farrell has prescribed two medicated creams, tablets, and a lotion to dab onto my acne. I was also recommended two types of mositurisers, a cleanser and a sunblock – I was given samples for all of these to try and I’m pleased to say that I got on really well with them all.

Dr Farrell has asked that I use one of the medicated creams on one side of my face and the other cream on the other side.

The cream I am applying to my left side is Finacea and it does sting a little which is normal.


The cream to the right side of my face is Rozex.


Dr Farrell wants me to apply these cream like this, as to see which one works better for me and to do so twice a day. So far I have found the Finacea cream to be working slightly better for me as my left side is clearing up quicker than my right. Both creams are designed to help calm a Rosacea flare up and to keep it calm in the long run. Dr Farrell asked for me to use these creams for as long as I felt necessary.

For my acne I am applying Dalacin a clear lotion that I gently dab onto the acne twice a day.


I have to apply these lotions after I have cleansed and before I apply moisturiser.

The tablets I have been prescribed are Oxytetracycline and I am to take these twice a day. This is an antiobiotic to help reduce my Rosacea and its flare ups.


Next I will apply the moisturiser I have been given to try. It’s by Skinceuticals and it’s their Redness Neutraliser which I adore. It’s soft, gentle, deeply moisturising, leaving my skin ever so soft. I still can’t say at this moment in time whether it solely reduces my redness as I am also using the other medicated creams, but it certainly is a lovely product to use that doesn’t cause a reaction.


Once all the above is done I can then use the SPF40 block (mornings only) recommended to me and I really do like it. It’s not thick or heavy and feels so light when you apply it to the skin and sinks in quickly. A little goes a very long way!


The cleanser I have bought has been recommended to all of Dr Farrell’s Rosacea patients and it is Avene Tolerance Extreme. A soft cleanser that’s a milky, cream texture. So far it seems okay, I don’t react to it but I do prefer my Eminence Organics Calming Chamomile Cleanser. It isn’t very good at getting all of my make up off, so I tend to use this once I have either used a micellar water or my Clinique Redness Solutions cleanser to rid my face of dirt and make up.


I asked about make up and what I should/shouldn’t wear as leading up to the consultation, I was wearing my Clinique Almost Powder as my flare ups were really bad. Dr Farrell’s nurse replied that a powder foundation is better for my acne but for my Rosacea it is up to my preference whether I use powder of liquid foundation.

Following on from my initial consultation, I have had further treatment at the clinic with the use of laser and light therapy to get rid of my dreaded facial redness. I will be blogging about this experience very soon and I’ll have before and after photos to show you all, but I am really, REALLY pleased with the results so far and that is after only two sessions! 🙂

nightime skincare with derm products

I cannot tell you just how relieved I am that something can be done to ease my Rosacea and hopefully get rid of the redness. It is extremely costly but if it really affects you like it has/does me, then it is so worth saving up for. On two occasions now I have left the house with no make up on – something I haven’t done in years. Okay, so it was only to pop into Tesco but for me that is a big deal. But doing this has made me feel empowered and free – it sounds silly I know!

I will be posting about my laser therapy soon.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it?


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2 thoughts on “Dermatology Consultation!

  1. Love your blog! Have you still been seeing a dermatologist? Mine really helped my eczema- although it lacks just one massive steroid prescription every time! X

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