Hey There!



So hi everyone!

It is good to be back writing on my blog once again.

Firstly, I’d like to apologies for my absence – so sorry! The past year has been a real roller coaster for me. I won’t bore you with details but I’ll quickly tell you what’s happened!

So let’s start way back in Jan 2016 – I finally got a job I had been wanting and was thrilled to bits, but then my world came crushing down. My mum got diagnosed with Cancer! I’m pleased to be able to look back and say that I managed to care for her right up until she went into the hospice and sadly passed away. I’m not going to lie, it was horrible! I lost my dad to cancer also when I was younger and being an only child – it certainly was and still is tough! To be able to grieve is hard, none more so when you have to sort out all the “legal” paperwork and other things that a death brings to you.

My husband and I have moved house also and have had a lot of decorating to do to put our stamp on it, as well as some major work to update it. It is almost there and is somewhere I treasure being. My husband has worked wonders and it really is a place I call home and rush back to after work to relax in my garden or in my cosy snug, to curl up and read a book.

So all these things which I have only skimmed over is what has kept me from blogging and I’m sure you all understand. Thanks to those of you that have stuck by me and if you have left, to be honest I don’t blame you. Why would you want to carrying on following a blog that hasn’t been updated in a long time? I hope you do eventually manage to follow Β me once more as I am back and ready to get my blog bang up to date.


So what is the plan? Well, quite frankly I’m not 100% sure myself. I have “obviously” been trialing and buying lot’s of make over the past year which I’m eager to review for you. Some are cult classics and I’ve no idea why it’s taken me so long to try them.

I can’t promise a blog every week but as you will know if you’ve been following me on Instagram,Β I update this every week at least, if not most days! So make sure you check me out and click that follow button on there – just search for Rose Gold Glamour! I’m on Twitter too, so give me a follow and a Hi – It’ll be great to chat to you guys once again.

Oh it’s good to be back – “yeah baby yeah” (said ’embarrassingly’ in Austin Powers voice)


Kristy x




  1. Sometimes life just gets in the way. It’s been like that for me too. I had my daughter last year so I’d been focusing on her but now it’s time to get back to writing my blog. So glad I’ve got the bug for it again. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. 😊 xx


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